25 September 2009

JustineJustine - my first featured seller

My featured seller this week is Justine of JustineJustine's etsy shop. She makes funky jewelry and fun bags. She has been selling jewelry since she was 14 years old.  One day she decided she had to do something with all of the jewelry she was making, so she just stepped into a local store and asked them if they were interested. Because of her age, she didn’t expect them to take her seriously, they did, and they sold her jewelry there for four years.

Justine was born in Belgium but fell in love with Mexico when she visited on an exchange program when she was 18. She stayed for a year, and went back to Belgium to study Jewelry Design in Antwerp and later went to Spain to study in La Escola Massana in Barcelona.

After her studies she moved back to Mexico and began selling her jewelry in local shops. Last year she decided running around to all the shops to check inventory too time consuming so she began to search for a place to sell online. She found Etsy, and loved that she could control the whole selling process and the customer experience.

Justine is a part-time Etsy seller. When she is not making jewelry and handbags, she is coordinating an exchange program for American Students who want to learn Spanish.

Justine lives in Oaxaca wither boyfriend and her cat Maru.

Justine's 1 year Etsy anniversary is next week, in celebration, she is having a great giveaway. to enter visit http://www.justine-justine-justine.blogspot.com/ for a chance at winning a pair of great bottlecap earrings.

24 September 2009


Congratulations Janine on winning my very first giveaway.

I hope to do these more often once I get 100 followers on Facebook. I have 88 now, so not many more to go!

Thank you, to all who entered!

23 September 2009

Handmade Washcloth Giveaway Tonight

It is a beautiful day here in Fresno. The sun is shining, the sky is brown, and I just started my work-week.

Tonight at about 9:00, I will be drawing a name for a set of four handmade cotton washcloths.
All you have to do is visit my facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/kellycrochets and become a fan - just make sure I can contact you via facebook, or leave an email address where I can.

21 September 2009

A few things before I sign off for the evening...

Tonight is the last night to sign up for jerseymaid's polaroid ring giveaway - these are really cool. Check them out. forthwith.

I am also working on new colors for my washcloths - beautiful forest green, sunny yellow, and tan. I will post photos tomorrow.

And finally, I think I'm in love. With Vegandad - Please check out his blog. and then make everything he has recipes for. Tonight, instead of the squash salad, I had kale and sweet potato quesadillas. they were amazing.

Squash salad

Food. My absolute favourite topic.

Squash salad!
This is one of my favourite salads and I think its going to be dinner tonight. It consists of garden fresh tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, red bell pepper, lemon juice, garlic, and a little olive oil. yum!

My first blog post!

Hello! Welcome to my first post!
I am an etsy seller who loves to crochet and cook.
I am finishing up my very first etsy giveaway this Wednesday. check out my facebook fan page, become a fan and, easy as that, you will be entered. Winners will be announced Wednesday the 23rd.

Winners will receive a set of four cotton washcloths... made by me.