04 February 2010

Tax Return Time

Ahhh... Taxes.

I just got my return yesterday afternoon (perfect timing, as my gas tank was empty and my cupboards were nearly empty)

I have been dreaming of wonderful things to spend the extra money on. The top of the list? Yarn. Soft, handspun, gorgeous yarn.

These yarns can be found here (left to right) MustSpinFasterLunabudKnitsBlumzieluxuryyarnsSyrendelllaikaknitsFJCruiserTerraBellaSpunSpinningWheelStudio, and, KISDesigns

Next on the list? A Blendtec blender.

Seriously, this thing is amazing. Its a 3qt jar with a 4 (YES FOUR) inch blade. It has a 13Amp motor, is faster blending than the Vitamix, has ten speeds, and comes with two jars (one with a three inch blade and one with a four inch blade).

Lets just take a moment to admire its beauty.

Up next, a case of cherimoya AND a case of white sapote. At $50/case, this is something I've never splurged on.
Cherimoya are a tropical fruit that is sweet, delicate, and has flavour reminiscent of pineapple, banana, pear, papaya, strawberry/'berry', dragon fruit, and/or apple depending on the particular variety. The outside is green and almost scaly looking:

White Sapote is a tropical fruit related to citrus. Its flavour ranges from vanilla-y to peachy.

Last, but certainly not least, a juicer. Ideally, I'd get something really high-end, but I've got my eye on the L'equip Juicer. Basic, affordable, and functional. Most importantly, Mary (who doesn't have a fun webpage for me to share with you) says it juices greens quite well.

In reality, I will be putting this money toward:
Student loans
New wheel bearings for the new car
An implant, bridge, or braces - I just had a baby tooth pulled, and my mouth is a mess. Gross.

Most likely, I will be buying new wheel bearings. Any leftover money will go toward more fun things - CSA and a heartrate monitor (or running shoes)


Boiling It Down said...

Wow I have never seen these fruits before - do you just eat them plain or do you have specific recipes in mind?

I'm drooling over that blender too....I've learned the hard way that you need a serious machine to make seriously delicous smoothies - yum!


Kelly said...

I was just planning on eating them. yum!