17 November 2009

Raw Brownie Balls of Delicious

1.5C raw walnut halves
12 Dates
1/3C raw cocoa powder
1/4 vanilla bean (or less than a tsp vanilla extract)
optional: ginger, shredded coconut

in food processor, process walnuts until you get very tiny chunks. add dates. mix until mixture sticks together. add cocoa powder, optional ginger and vanilla - mix well.

If you like, put mixture in separate bowl and stir in walnut chunks

I rolled the brownies into 11 balls, then rolled them in dried, shredded coconut. I recommend keeping these in the fridge.


Cathy said...

Yummy! I love the walnut and coco combo!

kellycrochets said...

After you make them, be sure to eat a few before you set them out. I had a hard time keeping them around!