03 October 2009

Featured Seller: Electric Penguin

My featured seller this week is Electric Penguin, who has a very fun jewelry shop up on Etsy at http://www.electricpenguin.etsy.com/. Last year, Electric Penguin was searching for a style necklace she couldn't find anywhere, and decided, "I might be able to make that!" She grew up crafting and sewing, so she made the trip to her local craft store, gathered supplies, and made exactly what she wanted.
The necklace was so successful, she moved on to stretchy bracelets and earrings. So many stretchy bracelets and earrings she decided to start selling to friends, which led to her discovery of Etsy.
When she found Etsy, it was love at first sight. Last month she opened up shop after much inventory and shop information preparation. So far, it has been much more work than she expected, but she loves every minute of it.

Electric Penguin - It has been well worth your hard work!


Alix said...

Uh Oh, your pictures aren't showing up!

kellycrochets said...

oh no! none of them?? I may have to edit this when I get off work, and can upload the photos from my computer - rather than using photos linked from etsy.

They are showing up on my computer - and I assure you, it looks great. ^_^

I will try again tonight.

kellycrochets said...

I think I fixed it!