31 October 2009

Friday's Featured Seller (a day late!) Haptree

My featured seller this week is Hillary of haptree. She makes adorable bead kits and wristlets to sell on Etsy and on Folksy.

Tell me a little about yourself:
I studied architecture at university although I never went back to do the extra 3 years needed to become qualified, so I just have the degree. Instead I got a job in an advertising and design agency which really suited me much more, I really enjoy the marketing side and I could use all those design skills without having to do the maths! I'm really happy being a stay at home mother now, especially as I have haptree to keep my brain functioning!

How, when, and why did you start selling online?
I started haptree early on this summer although I've been making bags and gifts for family and friends ever since I gave up work when my daughter came along 5 years ago. I started off stitching everything by hand until my mother took pity and bought me a sewing machine for christmas and then I just got hooked!

My daughter is my inspiration for the bead kits with wristlets that I make. Last christmas I bought a selction of beads for her and with a little help she made all the girls in the family beautiful jewellery sets, everyone was delighted. This was when I first had the idea, I wanted to make something that would make a beautiful gift but also be something to keep little girls occupied, not just another bag!

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I also love to knit although I'm not technically that good, I find it impossible to follow patterns as I hate the idea of making something someone else has already made - I want my stuff to be unique. I end up spending hours trying to make them up, sometimes with great results but mostly they're disasters! I doubt my knitting will be making it into my shop anytime soon, although you never know...

Where can we find you on the internet?
I started my blog shortly before opening the shop. Almost as soon as I'd got half way down the first paragraph of my first blog post I realised that I was going to enjoy being a blogger, I've never stopped! I don't blog too much about my own stuff instead I offer advice and tips to other bloggers and crafters, mostly on the subjects of photography and blogging itself. I'm learning as I go along but so far my blog is doing great and my little business is slowly beginning to take off.

Please take a look at my main shop over at Folksy which is the UK version of etsy where you can find lots of images of my work and my bead kits to use, my etsy shop isn't stocked up at the moment!`

Hillary is wrapping up a giveaway for a month's free advertising right now. To enter, simply go here. If you don't make this month's drawing, no worries, she holds one every month for a free advertising space on her blog.

She also has a great giveaway page, listing the giveaways of others (and who doesn't love that?) check it out here:
Click here

On December 5th, if you are in Stanmore North London, you can find Hillary at her first ever winter fair; the Bentley Priory Winter Fair

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