28 October 2009

Quick olive update

Monday was spent putting olives into jars (many, many jars), and filling those jars with brine.

Our beautiful brine consists of organic olive oil, red and white wine vinegar (and for the last few jars, apple cider vinegar), organic orange peels, organic peppercorns, fresh organic rosemary, fresh organic oregano, garlic and dried chilies.

I filled fourteen pint jars and three quart jars with sea salt, garlic, chilies, peppercorns, oregano, and our scrumptious-smelling brine.

We now have to wait (again) for at least ten days before we can taste them. Let me tell you, I can not wait.


Jac-Ber Creations said...

They are looking great! and 10 days will go fast. Have you organised a tasting ceremony for the cracking of the first jar? :-)

kellycrochets said...

ha! not yet. I'm sure we'll splurge on some really good beer to drink with them though. mmmm... olives + beer. :)

I also think they'll make awesome martini olives.