23 October 2009

Featured Seller: Parami Panda

Today's featured seller is Alix of Parami Panda. She has been crocheting amigurumi for about a year. She started making them for her friends as gifts and they suggested she try her hand at selling them. She has been on Etsy early November of 2008.
Alix started selling on Etsy pretty early on in her amigurumi adventure. The sales started coming almost immediately - without having to do too much promoting! She was blown away. They weren't too many sales - maybe one a week - but that was just fine because at the time, Alix was a full-time student. At about the same time, she started selling her plushies in local stores and in craft fairs. Now that she has graduated, she is spending a lot more time on Parami Panda. She has started with taking better photos of her items and overhauling a lot of the descriptions. She is working on creating a completely organic/natural/naturally dyed line of amigurumi and she has started to dabble in the art of cloth doll making, so expect some adorably emo dolls up in the shop soon.

Check Alix out on her awesome blog: http://paramipanda.blogspot.com .
And if you want to become her fan on facebook, go here: http://www.facebook.com/paramipanda .
And of course, check out her etsy shop here: http://paramipanda.etsy.com .

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Alix said...

lovely feature, thanks so much!