03 January 2010

Another photoless recipe: overnight oatmeal

I found a recipe for crockpot oatmeal a few weeks ago (maybe it has already been a month). Anyway, the only crockpots (yes, multiple) were huge. I went to Target and got a little, personal sized crockpot for about $10. It was a GREAT deal, and I use it for this oatmeal. This has been modified from the original.

1/2C Steel Cut Oats
2C water
a tablespoon or two Agave - you can always add more in the morning if you want sweeter oatmeal
sliced apples, quince, a handful of raisins, and/or dried cherries. I really like apples and quince together.
cinnamon to taste
a splash of vanilla

that's it. Mix in crockpot, cook on low overnight.
In the morning, if you'd like, mix in some walnuts (yum!)


Jaymie*Nachole said...

What kind of oats did you use?

kellycrochets said...

oops! Steel cut!