02 January 2010

The Green Smoothie List

I really can't take credit for most of these, as I found them on www.goneraw.com

A few are mine, but not many. Enjoy, I'm sorry I don't have photos! My camera needs batteries to upload. ^_^

I usually use frozen bananas in my smoothies. and I like mine kind of thick, so I don't usually add much water.

*The Cramp Cure Smoothie*
12 ounce water
7 ice cubes
2 carrots
1 frozen banana
4 medjool dates
1 tablespoon agave or honey
pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove)
Some ground flax seed
Mix Well

*Lemony Cherry smoothie*
1 lemon
1 mango
1 banana
a few cups of spinach
a few cups of fresh/frozen pitted cherries
water to blend

*Green Lizard Smoothie*
a few oranges (I usually do at least two)
a banana
a few cups of spinach
blend the oranges first then add banana and spinach - that way you know how much water you may need to add

*Peachy Smoothie*
1-2 peaches
1 mango
1 banana
a few cups spinach

*Joanna's Green Monster Smoothie*
6 cups of spinach
1 mango
1 bag of grapes- about 1 lb or so
Water- enough to get the food mixed- 1/2 cup

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