04 January 2010

Vegan Tamales

That's right. Vegan tamales.

I will be making them tomorrow, and am very excited about them. I am going to make a few dozen shredded mushroom and a few dozen chili and corn. Nichole of veganniche suggested the chili corn, claiming New Leaf makes good ones. I'm hoping mine are better.

I WILL have photos of these, and I will post a quick how-to.


Jennifer said...

I'm anxiously awaiting these!

kellycrochets said...

It has been mostly typed up, I need to go do my C25k, and I will get photos uploaded (yay, new camera batteries!)

elise said...

mmmm tamales!

Do you make to order? I see your etsy account! I'm thinking a pair of Vegan mittens are in store! green and purple! Sounds amazing!

Thanks for checking out my blog, lady! best of wishes!

Vegans unite!