26 January 2010

Just a few updates

1. I know its really cool to hate FresNo, but, there is this great blog about LOVING Fresno. Weird? Go read it and let me know if you change your mind. www.31daysoffresno.blogspot.com

2. I'm working on some really pretty pink skinny scarves to raise funds for the Avon Walk. I will be selling them via this site for a minimum donation. I'm nearly finished with the first and will post photos as soon as I am finished.

3. I am working on a new blog for my recipes. I figure its about time I separate recipes and Etsy. And thank you to my faithful Etsy followers for sifting through the food to get to the features (which will start again soon, I promise!)

4. My Etsy shop is in vacation mode for now. I still have some stock, and will get the store up and running again as soon as I have the time to make some more - thank you all so much for understanding - and thank you all for the lovely complements on my work - I really appreciate it.

5. In the last two days, I have walked 7 miles. I need to accomplish 8 more this week. Think sweaty thoughts for me. ^_^

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